In order to run JSanJuan, you need to have Java 5.0 (sometimes also referred to as Java 1.5) or higher installed on your computer.

 Download Java from the official Sun Java download page

If you don't know which version of Java is installed on your computer, open up a command line interface on your computer, type "java -version" and hit enter. The version number now displayed should be at least 1.5.0. Mail me if you have any problems.

Alternatively, if you use MS Windows, you can download a special Windows version of JSanJuan below which checks your installed version of Java automatically and redirects you to the Sun download page in case you don't have Java or a wrong version of Java installed.

Download and run JSanJuan

There are two version of JSanJuan available for download: A JAR version which will run on every system, and a special MS Windows version which will only run under Windows, and which will check automatically if Java is installed on your system. Otherwise, the two versions are identical.

 Download JSanJuan 1.1 for all systems (1917 Kb)

 Download JSanJuan 1.1 for MS Windows (2302 Kb)

The game won't need to be installed, it is ready to run after download. If you are a Windows or Macintosh user, just click on the file to start it. If you are a Linux user, it depends on what window manager you are using: Either try clicking on the file, or open up a console and type "java -jar JSanJuan.jar" to run the game.

Important: You need to have a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels to run it!