Adventure 9, Part IV

The End-Game

I declared war on Saladin again and quickly took his eastern city, so that now the path to Qin was free. Then, I fought him in the west with artillery and infantry, while I finished my research of tanks and bombers and built an attack force for Qin. I faced surprisingly hard resistance from Saladin, but that didn't prevent me from declaring war on Qin as soon as I had some tanks assembled in Saladin's ex-city of Sarmatian. I caught Qin by surprise, and easily took Xian.

Qin had a lage army of artillery, infantry and SAM infantry though, and hit me with lots of collateral damage during the next few turns. I regrouped, healed, and waited for reinforcements in Xian, then advanced on the next Chinese city, Shanghai. It was defended very well!

Or not, as there were several transports in the city as well. And sure enough, some units left the city via the transports and made a landing on my shores. This was quite a stack that landed on my backlines, on the gold hill at Santiago!

Good thing I had spotted it early enough, and had moved some tanks into Santiago to deal with the stack. They managed to pillage some tiles before they were destroyed, but no real harm was done. What followed was a standard bomber and tank war against a lot of machine gunners, infantry, SAM infantry and artillery. It took some time and was a lot of fun, but the outcome was never in doubt of course.

Here's a picture that sums up nicely what happened during the next turns.

Saladin was destroyed in 1894AD finally. I then declared war on Elizabeth too, taking her cities, and redeclared war on Hatty and took her eastern city and her island city as well. Qin was reduced to one island city in 1912AD, then I simply waited for some cities to come out of resistance, and won a domination victory in 1918AD.


This had been a nice game! In fact, I hadn't have so much fun with CIV in a long time. Climbing out of the economic hole we had inherited was not really hard, but a lot of fun. After that had been done, I didn't play very efficiently (1918AD is not a great date for a domination victory...) and simply enjoyed taking a (for me) unusual research path to play around with cannons, then mopped up the rest the traditional way with tanks and bombers. Inbetween, I had fun with inciting some AI-AI wars by bribing several civs, and enjoyed not having to build a single settler the whole game. Fun stuff, thanks Sirian!

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