Epic Reports

Here you can find the reports about my games from the Realms Beyond Civilization Epics and Adventures tournaments.

 Epic One: The Honorable French: The first Epic revisits the concept from Civ 3's first Epic on a very interesting map!

 Epic Two: Eastern Gem Traders: The new patch is out, so finally the Epic tournament can continue!

 Epic Three: Rise of the Incans: Featuring by far the largest city I've ever had (and probably ever will...)

 Epic Four: Rome Against the Barbarians: My first Deity game, with raging barbs to boot, on an unusual map.

 Epic Six: Always War: The first Always War event at Realms Beyond, at Noble level on a pangea map against seven opponents!

 Epic Nine: Horse Feathers: A Prince Always War game on an archipelago map with no city razing enabled.

 Epic Eleven: Hooray for Hollywood: A cultural variant-game with lots of action!

 Epic Twelve: The Gauntlet: A deep hole and a struggle for survival, in a reprise of an old Civ 3 Epic I had lost way back when.

 Epic Thirteen: Expansion Potluck: My first BtS game, and a potluck event to boot!

 Epic Twentyfive: This...Is...Sparta!: My first completed BtS game after a 1.5 year hiatus, and it's Always War!

 Adventure 2: The Frozen Jungle: The first "extreme" Adventure is a very tough Monarch game on the Highlands map. Embrace yourself for a wild ride!

 Adventure 3: Binding of the Three: The first Realms Beyond event offering a complex scoring mechanism.

 Adventure 4: Hatshepsut's Hieroglyphs: A game forbidding the human to get Alphabet.

 Adventure 9: Stagnation: A game we inherited with a broken economy.

 Adventure 11: Divided We Fall: A game where the player is pitted against two large AI teams.

 Adventure 22: Brick by Brick

 Adventure 23: Speedy Gonzales; A quick game with aggressive praetorians!

 Adventure 24: It's a Wonderful Life: A Monarch game where our task was to build as many wonders as possible.