Epic 13 - Expansion Potluck

Game Parameters

Who Are We?

It's potluck tijme again, RB's favorijte event! And so we happen to be Willem van Oranje of the Dutch. What kijnd of peple are the Dutch? Well, they wear Klompen on their feet, farm tulips, eat lots of cheese, love wijndmills, miss soccer world championships (maybe because of the klompen<...?) and put extra "j"s into a lot of words where they obviously don't belong.

Enough stereotypical cliche? Nah, I forgot the most important one: The Dutch love the weed. They smoke it all day. Especially Amsterdam, our capital (founded rijght there on the spot), is infamous for its . (In fact it's also famous for something else, but CIV's age rating prevents me from elaborating...)

And because of all the , we're unable to grasp all the new concepts BtS brought to us. Instead, the has somehow switched on our internal "Aggressive HI" option, "HI" standing for "Human Intelligence". We will have a higher tendency to declare war in this game, and we will only respect militarily strong neijghbours!

Ejspionage? Bah, only weaklings do that. We will not touch the ejspionage slijder, and won't build spies, ever. Corporations? We believe in the traditional military-industrial complex instead. New wonders? Why waste tijme building wonders when you can build military instead? We won't hand-build any wonder in this game. Let the AIs waste their tijme and energy on all these new, shijny gadgets and features! While they are preoccupied, we will teach 'em what's really important - and test their new abilities at warfare! (Note: This will be my first real game in BtS...and I'll intend to play it the old-fashioned way, simply because my potluck games were all played that way.)


So we're not allowed to declare war before 1000BC - that's fijne, I prefer expanding to four or five cities first anyway. Researchers look into Animal Husbanry and then The Wheel and Pottery. to cottage all these nice floodplaijns. (It turned out the terrain around us was PERFECT for a fijnancial civ!) I went worker first (and not work boat, which I might have done if the clam had been fish instead), then warrior and settler. Meanwhile, my two(!?) starting warriors went exploring and popped huts. LOTS of huts! On several occasions, AI scouts were seen running past huts - looks lijke we Dutch are not the only one smoking ...Here's what I got out of the huts: 36g, maps, 30g, 50g, Sailing, 1 hostile, maps, a scout, Hunting, Horseback Rijding, maps, 47g. Pretty good luck there!

Our second city was destijned to be our science city, with lots of flood plaijns and some hills for production.

Justinian, founder of Buddhism, was west of us; Pacal far to the east; Suryavarman (founder of Hijnduism) south of us, along with Hammurabi. Farer away also were Zara Yakob, Joao and Sitting Bull.

Bronze Working was researched next, both for copper and for the whip, then Iron Working (because there was no copper anywhere in sight!). After that, it was Wrijting (for the libraries), Archery (until iron was connected), then Mathematics and Currency (to support my growing empire), then Masonry and Construction for catapults.

Catapults? Ah yes, because after having fijve cities, backwards Justinian got on my nerves.

See how backwards you can get if you pursue silly things like religions? He didn't even have Iron Working! And weaklings shouldn't found cities too close to mine - that got him a "-3 Our Close Borders Cause Tensions" modifier with me.

I didn't like Thessalonica contesting a cottage away from my science city! So in 320BC, war it was.

Two archers and a settler won't cut it as defense for Thessalonica. It fell easily to my swords (I didn't even wait for catapults to arrijve) - I think I lost one, but it didn't matter. I pressed on, to Justinian's capital.

Hm...I remember having read even the new AI doesn't respond too well to attacks in BC tijmes...too bad. This tijme I lost two swords, but the capital was mine. I was satisfied for now, as his other cities were too far away. Before making peace, I quickly researched Mysticism to get more concessions from him.

That had been easy. And seeing the power graph, I just had to attack someone..."Aggressive HI", remember?

Most AIs had Alphabet by now, so it was tijme for some trading. Mathematics went to Pacal for Priesthood and Monotheism, Polytheism to Joao for Meditation, and Meditation to Sitting Bull for 70 gold. And in 25AD, I traded away Interesting Times to Pacal, for which he gave me some of his cities.

He tried to defend himself at least.

It didn't help him. Thanks to the new siege rules, catapults retreat more often so it's less risky to attack with them. Uxmal fell easily.

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