Epic 25 - This...Is...Sparta!

Now that cities got razed, there was a road network in territory I couldn't always have visibility on, which made navigation with my attack stack somewhat dangerous at times. More than once, an enemy SoD from Mansa, Darius or Shaka would come out of the fog and attack me, including catapults, simply because my units were in the way - but again, my crossbows did very well. I also had a galley positioned to scout on incoming stacks, which reduced the frequency of that happening somewhat.

The biggest problems posed enemy elephants, as they so often do. The main problem for me here was that many times, not my spears would defend, but a crossbow - which I would rather have preserved, but I couldn't help it.

I made progress nonetheless. In 890AD, I arrived at Cahokia, Toku's capital. He was gassed.

I took the capital in 900AD, and renamed it to "Hot Gates" - the intention being to advance no further for some time, and instead channel all stacks coming from the east through the Hot Gates, where they would be annihilated by my city garrison.

A couple of turns later, I founded West Gate, a city with the same idea in mind for all stacks coming from the west.

Time to consolidate my gains, backfill the lands between Argos and Hot Gates/West Gate and improve my economy! In the meantime, the barbarian hordes would crash against the walls of Hot Gates and West Gate, wave after wave, the defenses led by a Drill IV crossbow in each of the cities.

(Okay, to be honest, I seldomly let them attack me, because their catapults would be too dangerous in an attack. Instead, most of the time I made a sortie and killed the enemy stack when it stood adjacent to the city. But the thought of huge stacks of enemy units suiciding themselves against my cities sounds more epic... )

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